Fonts for the Office

When a corporate design program is developed, the choice of corporate typefaces must take into account two very different kinds of users. The professional designers and advertising agencies hired by the organization will need well-equipped, versatile OpenType families for designing anything from reports and websites to signage and stationery. The company’s in-house users – such as managers and office workers – will need a more basic version of the corporate typeface, optimized for the office environment.

At LucasFonts specially designed sub-families for the office are available with TheSans, TheMix, TheSerif, TheSans Mono and Corpid.

LucasFonts’s series of office-ready typefaces offer screen-optimized TrueType fonts with expert hinting for use in Windows™.

Manual hinting: special instructions are added to the fonts, resulting in the best possible reading experience on computer screens.

Each of these Office sets has the conventional (TrueType) four-font structure: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic. These four styles are linked: they can be activated by using the B (Bold) and I (Italic) buttons in common office programs. The fonts of our office series were designed with text, database and spreadsheet applications in mind – programs that do not normally support full OpenType functionality. This means that the fonts do not have OpenType functions such as built-in smallcaps, multiple figure styles or alternate characters. However, multiple languages and scripts (such as Cyrillic and Greek) can be supported simultaneously. Each office set can be supplied with either standard (semi-oldstyle) or lining figures.