Category: Books + Newspapers

Designer: Friedrich Forssman and Ralf de Jong

Year: 2002

Back in the year 2001, the book designers Friedrich Forssman and Ralf de Jong had a joint studio called Forssman de Jong. Their book Detailtypografie was published by the Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz in 2002. Detailtypografie is the most thorough reference book for all micro typographic question ever published in the German language. It is the bible of German typography, and a must for every designer here to have on their shelves. Forssman de Jong set the text of Detailtypografie in TheSans.

Their reasons for choosing TheSans are simple: this is a contemporary typeface that brilliantly interprets classical typographic languages into new forms – its letters sound like classical serif typefaces, even though they are a sans. Also, the family includes a lot of matching weights and widths, plus a true cursive italic. Back then, few other typefaces would have been as apt a choice for a book about how to make great typography.