TheSans, The Mix and TheSerif.

TheMix is part of the Thesis superfamily that Luc(as) de Groot first published in 1994. TheMix originated as an alphabet for the logotypes of the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management drawn by Luc(as) while working at BRS Premsela Vonk in Amsterdam. The alphabet later became the starting point of the entire Thesis system.

At the time of its first release, TheMix was highly original. The asymmetric serifs had been placed to obtain an optically even rhythm, without relying on any rigid system. The result was a typeface that combined excellent legibility with a youthful and unorthodox character. It became the corporate typeface to numerous international companies and institutions and was used for advertising and image campaigns aimed at young audiences. TheMix is ideal for multi-lingual projects, such as information-rich magazines or annual reports. It has also proved to perform extremely well in logos or in advertising.

Version history

FontFont published FF TheMix in 1994. In 1999, Luc(as) began selling licenses himself, renaming it TheMix (classic). The fonts had Proportional Oldstyle figures, but TheMix Basic was created to offer Proportional Lining figures. We also used to sell TheMix Caps, with small caps instead of lowercase. These fonts supported Western European languages only. OpenType allowed us to include more characters, and we created a system for package naming. Here’s a description.

TheMix Office

This four-font family has the structure that’s conventional on Windows: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic. These are linked, meaning they can be accessed through the “B” (Bold) and “I” (Italic) buttons in office programs. The TrueType versions are manually hinted, giving them excellent reading quality on-screen in Microsoft’s Windows applications.

TheMix lighting up

Travellers arriving at Berlin’s Central Station are welcomed in TheMix.
TheMix is the corporate font of British Gas, used as a headline font throughout publications and websites.
Belgian national police relies on TheMix for radiating authority and friendliness.

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