The playful Tao family is bound to woo the hearts of math fans. The Unicode consortium defined code points for mathematical double-struck upper and lowercase letters, and when Luc(as) designed some of them for his TheAntiqua family, he was so pleased with the result that he turned it into a completely new family with 7 weights and italics.

Tao’s thick strokes are built with double lines. The lighter weights look great in elegant signage; imagine wood and metal on serious buildings built for eternity.

The heavier weights become playful and expressive, especially when you load them with color. Just convert them to outlines in your favorite design app and choose your own colors.

Octonions and the monster group

Hardcore math fans can finally use the symbols from their daily work for leisure. This style was originally known as Blackboard Bold – from simulating a bold font with chalk. In the universal character encoding system, Unicode, the style is described as double-struck letters, from using an old-fashioned typewriter to strike the letter twice with a small offset.

Some hardcore math set in a combination of Tao and TheAntiqua Regular

The double-struck mathematical symbols have their own Unicodes and usually denote number sets whose descriptions resemble science fiction titles. For example “A” represents affine space or the ring of adeles, “O” represents the octonions, and “M” sometimes represents the monster group.

Math poetry

Accented letters come in two variations; standard accents are single strokes and when linguistic needs arise you can choose big open accents by activating a stylistic set.

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