Spiegel Slab

The editorial design of weekly German news magazine Der Spiegel has included fonts from Luc(as) de Groot since 1997. The first eye-catching contribution he made to the magazine’s typography was a series of sans serif typefaces, Spiegel Sans.

In 2018, a companion family from LucasFonts joined the editorial designers’ toolkit: Spiegel Slab. Now, Spiegel Slab has been released as a retail font family.

Spiegel Slab shares the features of its sibling, Spiegel Sans, including the shapes and proportions of an industrial-style gothic, combined with subtle diagonal stress and almost imperceptible traces of handwriting. Low contrast and robust serifs help Spiegel Slab confidently hold its ground on the page for subheads in the lighter weights, as well as being extremely striking in the heavier weights.

You can read all about our fonts for Der Spiegel in this case study.

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