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Corpid Condensed E1

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10 styles


Basic Latin, Central European, Latin Extended, Cyrillic, Greek


Default figures:Tabular old-style


No small caps

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End user
license agreement

Dear font user

By downloading, accessing, or using the fonts provided to you, you accept these terms and conditions.


Once LucasFonts has received your license fee, LucasFonts will grant you a non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable license to use the fonts. All rights to the fonts and all intellectual property embodied in them are retained by LucasFonts. You are not allowed to distribute the fonts or to modify, convert, reverse engineer, decompile, or create derivative works based on them.

If you want to modify the fonts for personal use, you have other special wishes (like if you want some design changes), or you are unsure whether the way you want to use the fonts is allowed, please contact

Font quality

LucasFonts does not guarantee any results and disclaims all express or implied warranties. If the fonts are not working like you expect them to, please contact The fonts are provided as is, but we will do our best to engineer a workaround.

Embedding securely

If the license you bought allows you to embed the fonts or install them on an intranet server, you need to do so securely and make sure the fonts are not accessible by end users.


If you breach this agreement, then all your rights automatically terminate, you have to stop using the fonts immediately, and in addition to any legal rights LucasFonts has, you will be responsible for all costs and losses that come up.


You agree that LucasFonts will not be liable for anything bad that happens and will never have to pay for consequential, incidental, or special damages, including any lost profits or lost savings. However, if for some reason some authority like a court or governing body with jurisdiction decides that LucasFonts is liable for something, then LucasFonts’s liability will never exceed the license fee it received.


This document contains the entire agreement relating to its subject matter and supersedes any prior agreements or understandings, whether verbal or written. No modification of this agreement will be valid or enforceable unless it is in the form of a written document signed by LucasFonts. If LucasFonts gives up a right, that does not mean it is given up for the future.

If any part of this agreement is found void or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the rest of the agreement. This agreement is governed by the laws of Germany and any disputes or legal proceedings will be handled exclusively in Berlin.


This section only applies to you if you bought a desktop license.

You can give the number of users for whom you bought a license access to the fonts, and those users can install the fonts on their devices or access them through an intranet server. The users must be you yourself or employees who work directly for you.

If you need someone who is not your employee to use the fonts, please contact and ask about service licenses.

You can embed the fonts into documents for in-house use, but you need to buy an electronic document license if you want to distribute them commercially. You can give completed documents with embedded fonts to a printer, but you are not allowed to give them the font files unless they have also bought a license.

The embedding bits in our fonts allow print and preview. If you need editable embedding (to enable users who do not have fonts installed to edit documents with embedded fonts), please contact


This section only applies to you if you bought a web license.

You can use the fonts on websites with CSS @font-face. This license is perpetual and is valid for the website domains and number of monthly page views for which you bought a license. You do not have to buy an upgrade for your license unless you exceed that number of page views three months in a row, and you do not have to buy additional licenses for subdomains like

You are not allowed to use conversion tools on the fonts; you can only use WOFF and WOFF2 files that were provided to you by us. The use of other formats such as TTF and OTF is not allowed on the web.


This section only applies to you if you bought an app license.

You can embed the fonts into the app for which you bought a license. This license is valid for the number of developers for whom you bought a license. If you get more developers working on the app, then you need to upgrade your license. If the same developers work on different apps that have the fonts embedded in them, each of those apps requires a separate license.

Electronic document

This section only applies to you if you purchased an electronic document license.

You can embed the fonts into the titles for which you bought a license, and you can commercially distribute those titles. A recurring title, like a monthly magazine, counts as one title.


You may install the font software on an Intranet server used by an unlimited amount of remote users working on behalf of the licensee. This license does not grant you the rights of a desktop license, web license, app license or ePub license.

You may embed the font software into documents for in house use. You may take completed documents with embedded fonts to a commercial printer or service bureau for printing only.

You may take a copy of the font software to a commercial printer or service bureau for printing your documents only if the printer or service bureau has purchased a license to use that particular font software.

The maximum amount of servers is specified on the invoice you received with the purchase of the font software.

You agree to make sure that the font software cannot be extracted or installed from the generated documents or downloaded from the licensed server to a computer.

Colophon or imprint

We would appreciate it if you mentioned our name and the font name in the colophon or imprint of your publication or website. For example, you could say Type set in TheSans Mono from LucasFonts.

By the way, this entire website is in fact set in TheSans Mono, which you can purchase here.