Floris was originally designed in 1999 for the Paris newspaper Le Monde.

Throughout his career as a type designer, Luc(as) de Groot has been involved in redesign projects for daily newspapers, from the Brazilian daily Folha de S. Paulo to the German Tageszeitung and the international free newspaper Metro. In 1999 he was commissioned to design a new headline face for the prestigious French daily Le Monde. In 2001, this typeface won an award in ATypI’s worldwide Bukvah:Raz! type design competition.

The Le Monde typeface was further developed, resulting in Floris LM, a rather narrow display face in six weights with pronounced vertical stress. Its condensed structure and expressive shapes allow for economic yet attention-grabbing headline setting.

In 2007, Floris was redrawn as part of a drastic redesign of the German weekly Jungle World. Floris JW is a headline family in weights, from ExtraLight to Black. The Jungle World project also resulted in Floris Text, a new typeface for publications, which is still under development.

The Floris font data have been developed along fours axes; in all, sixteen masters or basic drawings had to be designed for each character. From these basic data, new variants can be produced according to the constraints of each specific project.

Floris and Jungle World

When the German political weekly Jungle World magazine underwent a drastic redesign in 2007, LucasFonts specially created a family of headline and text fonts based on the Floris data.
Floris JW and Floris Text combined in a typical piece of typography from the Jungle World pages.
Jungle World has a section called Dschungel, aimed at the gay community. It uses a slightly more refined combination of Floris weights, with the title set in Floris Light.

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